Friday, December 21, 2007

Magazine in the Breakroom

I'm pasting in the back and forth between me and an atheist buddy of mine at work. I thought it was too funny not to blog. If you're an SNL fan you should get the Trebek/Connery reference.

(09:28:37 AM) me: did you accidentally leave that copy of 'Skeptic' in the break room?
(09:28:45 AM) him: ha no
(09:28:47 AM) him: that's mine
(09:29:04 AM) him: i have a subscription. i figured i could throw it away or bring it in so someone else could have it
(09:29:13 AM) him: i do the same thing with wired, and someone steals those within an hour
(09:29:16 AM) me: ah
(09:29:31 AM) me: you realize your gonna push me into bringing in old copies of Answers in Genesis
(09:29:37 AM) him: haha
(09:29:46 AM) him: skeptic only comes out four times a month, so it won't happen often ;)
(09:29:51 AM) me: same with AIG
(09:29:54 AM) him: er 4 times a year
(09:29:57 AM) him: haha
(09:30:00 AM) me: yeah, quarterly
(09:30:04 AM) me: i knew what you meant
(09:30:13 AM) him: your mom knew what i meant. last night.
(09:30:28 AM) me: nice, i guess i'm alex trebek and you're sean connery
(09:30:50 AM) him: think it was inappropriate? i kept debating if it was inappropriate or not, it sat on my kitchen table for weeks while i tried to decide every morning if i wanted to bring it in
(09:30:58 AM) him: but then my fiance said she was going to throw it away if i didnt do something with it today
(09:31:00 AM) him: so i brought it in
(09:31:26 AM) me: now, the only real question is... how long before your Skeptic vs. my AIG in the breakroom situation forces someone in this company to deal with us at an HR level

Wisely (from the HR point of view), 'him' removed the copy of 'Skeptic' from the breakroom.

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