Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mind boggling quotes thanks to

Hatred of people and the subversion of climate science

Mind boggling... that about says it all.


demian said...

I love seeing statements like those, they apparently don't believe it enough to hop in front of a train. That'd be a great first step.

I've heard similar things when people talk about putting nuclear waste on the moon. Like we'd be destroying the pristine moon habitat. Where does that self-hate come from you wonder.

Bryan said...

I'm not sure I know what the specific source of the self hate is. As a general source, I feel safe in citing a lack or absence of Christianity (I would concede that I could've also said Judaism or Islam here as well - any religion recognizing what Christianity refers to as the Old Testament as inspired scripture).

I don't see how any Christian person could see things the way the people responsible for those quotes see them. Two quick reasons, as encapsulated in Genesis 1:26-28 (both of the following two bullet points are presumptions I wouldn't expect a non-Christian to necessarily agree with or adhere to).

* We are clearly different than all the other animals being that we were created in God's image and after God's likeness. (Here I'm thinking of the quote I saw where the person equated the value of the human species to that of slugs.)

* All of creation is ours to subdue and have dominion over.

So clearly, to me, elevating nature to such a lofty status is not a Christian idea.

Obviously a biased answer though. It would also be a perfectly valid to cite a lack of Nazism as potentially being responsible (I'm thinking social Darwinism here) - not only did the Nazis think they were superior to slugs, they thought they were to superior to Jews, Gypsies, Blacks... etc.

Willie K said...

Bryan, you must have heard about the Christmas day Tiger attack at the SF Zoo. Well they had a memorial service for the person who was killed....and for the Tiger (who was put down by Zoo authorities)
Enough said.