Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gold, silver or ammo for a rail kit

I recently posted a rail kit for a Dodge Caravan for sale on Craigslist. The following interchange was too good not to share.

Text of the original Craiglist ad:

Dodge Caravan Roof Rack Rail Kit. See the attached image for details. I bought these and they don't fit our van. They're brand new and haven't been used. Asking $100 OBO.

An email I received from Aguero Disanto regarding my ad:

just want to know if you still have this item available for sale.Let me know your final asking price and the present condition if it.Hope to read from you soon.


My response to Aguero (I should note that the not quite perfect English didn't surprise me because there is a fairly large Mexican population in the area where I live and I've sold things to not-quite-perfect English speakers on Craigslist before):

I'd go down to $80. It is in perfect condition. As I said in the ad, it's never even been used. I tried to install it and realized it was the wrong model for my particular van.

Aguero's response back to me:

Thank you for your response.I am satisfied with the conditions you have stated on the item.I have a schedule already,for i need to attend an important seminar outside state so i will not be able to come to check it at your place.Since i am ok with the conditions,i will be sending you a check payment that will cover the amount of the item and the moving funds.You are to deduct your money for the item from the payment after cleared by your bank within 2-3 days and have the rest sent to the mover via western union money transfer.You will be sending this amount to my mover because he will need the money to come for the pick up at your place and also pick up some other items for me in your city.For your inconvenience,i will include extra $100 with the payment to be your running around fee.I am always a busy person and i will not like to miss this item.The information of the mover will be sent to you after the check is received and he will be at your location for the pick up with a signed note explaining that he will be assuming responsibility for the property on my behalf.Get back to me with the following information for issuing of the payment............

Hope i can trust you with my money?Have a pleasant day.


My response back to Aguero:

Oh, I should've been clearer before. I'm of the opinion that the American dollar will be collapsing soon, so I only take payments in ounces of gold, silver, or ammunition in the following calibers:
  • .308
  • .45
  • 9mm
THANK YOU... and have a nice day.

In case you were wondering, I didn't hear back from Aguero. Oh, and if you need a rail kit for a Dodge Caravan, it's still available here so hit me up: http://denver.craigslist.org/pts/1266821840.html


mcjoe said...

Dude, you ROCK! That is hilarious! Shared with folks at work. They all think the response is brilliant.

Graet work.

mcjoe said...

ugh, I meant "great work". Dyslexic keyboard skills.

Bryan said...

Glad I could amuse someone.

Demian L. Neidetcher said...

that's awesome.

Bryan said...

It just dawned on me that I should've told him I accepted .223 as well.