Thursday, February 7, 2008

Some of Britain's citizens do not relate to her legal system

I've seen this in two separate places now - and am as annoyed as both of the other parties are that someone, particularly a 'Christian leader', would make such a patently idiotic (not to mention completely wrong and immoral) bunch of statements - so I figured I'd mention it here.

Christian leadership - first place I saw it
Multiple Choice Legal Systems? - second place I saw it

So, if sharia law applies to Muslims if they so choose, would a Muslim man responsible for the rape of a non-Muslim woman get to choose to be examined under the lens of sharia law or the standing law of the British land?


Canadian War Machine said...

would you support any more of the 10 commandments be turned into secular law?

Bryan said...

Candian War Machine...

Nice to meet you... since I don't recognize you I'm guessing you just stumbled upon the blog... at any rate, nice to have you.

The Ten Commandments... should they become part of the government enforced law or not?... let's dissect them one by one...

No means I think there ought not to be any government sanctioned penal result.

Yes means the opposite.

1) You shall have no other gods before Me...

no - This should not be enforced by law. It would do no good if there was an attempt to do so, because the Christian view of salvation through Christ is a personal one anyway. You may be able to get someone to confess faith in Christ by putting a gun to their head, but it wouldn't necessarily mean they were saved anyway.

2) Do not make an image or any likeness of what is in the heavens above...


3) Do not swear falsely by the name of the LORD...


4) Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy


5) Honor your father and your mother...


6) Do not murder

yes - for reasons obvious to me, and this is already a law (it is important to note that the word is 'murder' as opposed to 'kill')

7) Do not commit adultery.

no - immoral yes (with bad repercussions that more often than not harm society as a whole), illegal no

8) Do not steal.

yes - again for reasons obvious to me - this is fortunately already a law

9) Do not bear false witness against your neighbor

depends on the circumstance - in legal proceedings, this should be illegal (perjury, libel, etc.) - in casual non-legal proceedings, it is immoral but should not be illegal

10) Do not covet your neighbor's wife


For a more general explanation of how I view this concept, here are a few resources that I agree with for the most part.

I quote from the first link above:

I think the things that ought to be made illegal are the things of the highest social concern for the stability of the common good of society and to insure the basic inalienable rights, like liberty, life, and property.

Bryan said...

My buddy Brent addresses this same topic much more thoroughly than I...